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Why am I running for the North Carolina Senate?

    My name is Adam, I am mostly retired and I have spent the last year reading, playing guitar and walking my dog. Why would I suddenly decide to run for the North Carolina Senate?      The first answer is that I feel it was my duty. This is an election year and for voters to decide, they need candidates to choose from. With my experience I knew I could give them a credible alternative to the incumbent.       But more important, I want to be a voice for the people of this District. The most common complaint I am hearing about Senator Kevin Corbin is that he refuses to listen. He wouldn't listen to the doctors who begged him not to restrict women's healthcare. He wouldn't listen to teachers when they asked him for a raise. He hasn't listened to those who just want to be treated fairly and equally in the legislative process.      We know who Senator Kevin Corbin is listening to. It's not you.      I am going to try to do things different. Over the next year I am goin

I was 19 years old when I went to intern in Governor Bob Graham’s office.


My favorite ad from when I ran in 2012


Adam Tebrugge files notice of his candidacy for North Carolina Senate District 50

  For Release Thursday, December 14, 2023   Candidate Announcement:      Adam Tebrugge files notice of his candidacy for North Carolina Senate District 50          Attorney Adam Tebrugge has announced that he is seeking the Democratic nomination for North Carolina Senate District 50, the seat presently held by Kevin Corbin. Tebrugge, 62, lives with his wife in the Caney Fork Community of Jackson County. Senate District 50 covers the eight counties of Western North Carolina.       “I am running to provide a voice to the people of Western North Carolina. Working together we can ensure that our citizens have access to high quality education and healthcare. Our region has considerable natural resources that we must protect for the benefit of us all.”       Tebrugge worked as an assistant public defender for over twenty years and as an adjunct law professor at two law schools. He previously served as the Chair of the Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness, and as president o