Why am I running for the North Carolina Senate?

    My name is Adam, I am mostly retired and I have spent the last year reading, playing guitar and walking my dog. Why would I suddenly decide to run for the North Carolina Senate?

     The first answer is that I feel it was my duty. This is an election year and for voters to decide, they need candidates to choose from. With my experience I knew I could give them a credible alternative to the incumbent.

      But more important, I want to be a voice for the people of this District. The most common complaint I am hearing about Senator Kevin Corbin is that he refuses to listen. He wouldn't listen to the doctors who begged him not to restrict women's healthcare. He wouldn't listen to teachers when they asked him for a raise. He hasn't listened to those who just want to be treated fairly and equally in the legislative process.

     We know who Senator Kevin Corbin is listening to. It's not you.

     I am going to try to do things different. Over the next year I am going to travel to all parts of Western North Carolina and meet as many people as I can. And I'm gonna listen. The best way to be your voice is to hear from you directly. 

     If you want someone who will take your concerns to the highest level of state government, then invite me to come meet you at your club or your church or your community center or your local government meeting, and I will do my best to show up. And listen, then be your voice.

   That's why I'm running for the North Carolina Senate, District 50 as the Democratic Candidate. Blogger is free and I haven't yet opened my campaign account but this is my political message to you and I wrote, approve and mean every word of it.

     Thanks for Reading,


Adam Tebrugge  Democratic candidate for the North Carolina Senate. 

Write me at adamtebrugge@gmail.com 

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